What do we do?

myenterprise.tv is a hosting and promotion company, offering enterprises the ability to upload their videos to the web. Think of it as a kind of YouTube, but more business focused. Utilise our platform for internal training, events, video blogs or anything else that you have in mind. We offer this service with no advertising or so-called "related videos".

Who are we?

The concept was thought up between Dan Wilkinson and Tim Sargent. Tim who also owns a video production company was frustrated that he couldn't find a suitable host for his videos. Dan who has a background in web also found that other video hosts out there were either heavily catered towards the average Joe or were too expensive for smaller businesses. With combined skills in video and web, the two decided to join forces and myenterprise.tv was born.

Being based in the West Midlands and having offices in both Telford and Wolverhampton, the company is in a central location with London being just two hours away.

Dan Wilkinson (left) and Tim Sargent (right)


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